What is the Science?

The following link will take you to a comprehensive summary of scientific information geared for the average LDS reader.  What is the science?

Other LDS Academic Perspectives

In addition to the link above, below you will find some additional perspectives of professionals who have expertise on subjects related to homosexuality and Mormonism.  For an even broader list of these resources, see references from Brent Kerby’s (2011) book, Gay Mormons? Latter-day Saint Experiences of Same Gender Attraction: Books, Websites and Organizations.)

The following article provides a basic, sensitive introduction about the persistence of same-sex attraction, written especially for LDS leaders and members. Following this are articles by professionals in the fields of therapy, biology, and family science who are sensitive to and focus on LDS perspectives and beliefs in their research.

Ron Schow, Robert A. Rees, William Bradshaw, and Marybeth Raynes: The Persistence of Same Sex Attraction in Latter-day Saints Who Undergo Counseling or Change Therapy.

Therapy Perspectives

Biological Perspectives

Brad Carmack

Brad Carmack

Brad Carmack, is a biologist, a BYU law graduate and the author of the 2011 book, “Homosexuality: A Straight BYU Student’s Perspective.” If you follow the links below you can find two full chapters from his book. These chapters are focused on two major areas of controversy….cause and cure (mutability) of homosexuality.

  • Chapter 2: What causes homosexuality?
    Many people have heard competing theories about what causes homosexuality. This chapter evaluates the two most commonly heard theories and summarizes some of the consensus evidence-based discussion on the subject. The chapter also assembles the most comprehensive review available of authoritative LDS statements which address the issue.
  • Chapter 3: Is homosexuality changeable?
    Many wonder whether homosexual orientation can be changed. This chapter analyzes both sides of this divisive issue and reviews some of the best evidence, both LDS and scientific, which bears on the question.

Family Science Perspectives

  • Gary Horlacher, Ph.D: Homosexuality among Highly Religious Mormons (HAHRM) Study Results
  1. Genesis of the HAHRM Study
  2. The HAHRM Data
  3. Strugglers, Secularists & Moderates
  4. Religiosity, Sexuality, and Suicide Ideation
  5. Age, Gender, Education, Income, Marital Status & Children, Geographic Distribution
  6. Religious-Homosexual Identity Scale
  7. Genesis of the HAHRM Study
  8. Survey2003
  9. Homosexuality Among Highly Religious Mormons (Survey from 2003)
  10. Homosexuality among Highly Religious Mormons Follow-Up Study (Survey from 2007)