Resources for LGBT/SSA Members of the Church

The official LDS Church website on homosexuality

has the most recent and comprehensive information about the church’s teachings on homosexuality. There are statements by three of the Apostles and by members of the Church affected by this issue. All of the official publications of the Church for individuals and families wanting to know what the Church teaches regarding these issues can be found and are linked at: .


It Gets Better – BYU

was created by the Far Between team to show Mormon LGBT youth who may be feeling alone and afraid, that they are not alone and life can get better with hope for happiness and love in their life. It’s sponsored by USGA (Understanding Same-Gender Attraction) which is an unofficial group of Brigham Young University students, faculty, and friends who wish to strengthen families and the BYU community by providing a place for open, respectful discussions on the topic of same-gender attraction.


supports LGBTQ/SSA Mormons and their families, friends and Church leaders in seeking to live productive lives consistent with their faith or heritage. It provides a loving, inclusive community for all LGBTQ/SSA people, regardless of how they identify in their sexual orientation, gender identity, or faith. It encourages spirituality and empowers LGBTQ/SSA Mormons to make valuable contributions within and outside of the Church. It organizes local gatherings and international conferences, provides informational resources, and works for dialogue within the Church. (

Affirmation and Northstar are the largest peer based communities for gay/same sex attracted Mormons. Together they represent a wide spectrum of perspectives and a number of varying resources. Both include a number of people working to provide support for LGBT/SSA Mormons and their families and both encourage maintenance of LDS values to whatever extent is possible.


is a place of community for Latter-day Saints dealing with issues surrounding homosexual attraction where they are encouraged to maintain LDS values and supported in living celibately or encouraged to maintain heterosexual marriages when one in the marriage has same sex attraction. ( Facebook group can be accessed after contact with NorthStar.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is a national 24-hour, toll free confidential suicide hotline for gay and questioning youth. The Trevor Project is determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth by providing life-saving and life-affirming resources. (


Scientific Research

Gays and Mormons has compiled a number of scientific resources on LGBT/SSA issues. Click Here for more information.

Far Between

Far Between has a mission to improve the conversation surrounding homosexuality and Mormonism. It hopes to do so by providing first-person accounts of what it’s like to be homosexual and Mormon, tips and tools for how to sustain generative conversations within ourselves, with our loved ones, and in our communities, about how to navigate the tension brought on by the lived experiences of homosexuality and membership in the LDS Church. It hopes that as we commit to holding space for people’s opinions, beliefs, and life experiences that may differ from our own and put empathy first, we will create safety and peace for all who choose to engage in these important conversations and, in turn, heal hearts, homes, and communities. (Far Between on Facebook)


Voices of Hope is a repository of faithful Latter-day Saints dealing with these issues, sharing their stories and their faith — why they’ve chosen to embrace the restored gospel and how they’ve found peace and resolution in that decision.

Gay Mormon Forum

This site aims to shed positive light on the dialogue which is currently taking place in the LDS community on the topic of homosexuality, while fostering Christ-like approaches which encourage and affirm both the spirituality and wholeness of all human beings. (

The Lord My Pasture Will Prepare

This group purpose is to provide support and fellowship for LGBTQ people who desire to attend the LDS church and are in or seeking a same-sex relationship or are affirming of such relationships. It is a private (secret) group, meaning only members can read the posts and see who’s in the group. This is not an official LDS group, and it is not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is one of several groups created and sponsored by Affirmation, with this group specifically designed for those who desire to attend church. To join this Facebook group please friend the Prepare group moderator.

John Dehlin – The Ally Within

Growing up as a conservative Mormon in Texas, there was little in John’s upbringing that would have predicted he would become an ally for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Mormons. He discusses his transformation from homophobe to LGBT ally and his research on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Mormon experience from a sample of over 1,600 LGBT Mormons.