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Why was this website, which is not an official LDS site, established?

God Loveth His Children

God Loveth His Children

Though homosexuality is a subject widely alluded to, the majority of Latter-day Saints (and Americans in general) have little reliable information about it. Sadly, in far too many instances this ignorance and (often) accompanying prejudice undermine truly helpful responses by family members, ecclesiastical leaders, and LDS friends of homosexual members. One way to address this ignorance is to start with “God Loveth His Children” and the other four resources on the Church web site shown on the home page of this site and then reinforce the compassionate tone there with other supportive material to be found on this site. None of the material here can in any way be considered “gay bashing” which Elder Oaks in an important article in 1995 emphasized is contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In fact, this website has been created in an effort to show that “gay bashing” is not needed in order to support the Church message on homosexuality. The material presented here evidences a collective, responsible, spiritual concern for homosexual Latter-day Saints (gay Mormon Men and Women) and their families and a desire to find more constructive, gospel-centered ways of dealing with what for many is a painful and often divisive issue.

Who are the contributors to this website?

We are Latter-day Saints whose circumstances and experience have raised our awareness of issues relating to homosexuality. We share a desire to reconcile the realities of homosexual orientation with Christian doctrine and church practice. We are aware of the burden borne by many of our homosexual brothers and sisters, and we know first hand of the anguish and stress felt by family members of LDS gays and lesbians.

The website contributors include counselors and other health-care professionals, researchers, educators, and ecclesiastical leaders. Most bring the additional credential of being a parent of a gay or lesbian child. We address this subject because our collective experience-familial, clinical, academic, ecclesiastical-has led to notable similarities of observation and understanding.

The expressions found here do not represent all of the possible points of view regarding homosexuality and the gospel/church, nor are they all entirely in agreement. Further, we wish to make clear that this website is not authorized by the church, nor do the various contributors presume to speak for the church in these matters. But since moral issues and gospel principles are clearly involved, we consider it responsible to share our understanding and experience with others, especially those who may be confused over this issue or uncertain as to how best to deal with it.

What are the specific goals of the organizers of this website?

  • To highlight recent important Mormon Church documents on homosexuality and summarize the major doctrinal teachings on this subject.
  • To provide accurate informaton on same gender or homosexual attraction as taught by our current apostles and prophets for individuals identifying as gay Mormon men or women and to clarify these teachings for their Latter-day Saint ecclesiastical leaders, counselors, and parents.
  • To provide to members of the church–from clinical practice and from research–reliable current information on homosexuality.
  • To counter violence against gay Mormon men and women including self-inflicted violence (suicide).
  • To create conditions within families, congregations, and communities that enable gay Mormon men and women to feel welcome and both safe and valued.
  • Further information

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